The Wiltshire group was founded by Pete Capon as an area
group of the 009 Society (link) in 1987. Initially at least most people were
based in Wiltshire, but as time passed and people moved around, it reached the
point at one stage where no one in the group actually lived in the county! It
continues to this day that the group tends to be ‘centred on’ rather than
‘within’ Wiltshire, and members live in North Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset,
Bristol and Berkshire to name but a few.

We meet as a group at members houses, roughly monthly, on a
Saturday afternoon. Occasionally we remember to post a notice in the 009 News
about when they might be. We have about ten regular members, along with a
number of guests, friends and co-opted people, even to the extent of allowing a
couple of 7mm narrow gauge modellers along.

In 1987 we set up one of the first ‘members days’ in the 009
Society. This is run as a specialist mini exhibition focussing on 009 and narrow
gauge, with anything up to 15 layouts and specialist traders. It’s a friendly
event, powered by the local Wiltshire lardy cake, and offers people a chance to
test a new exhibition layout or show a work in progress in a less pressured
environment than a normal public exhibition. Initially held in Newbury, the day
is now firmly established to run biannually at the Bouverie Hall in Pewsey. See
our events page for more details of the next show.

More recently, in 2016 we hosted the first, we believe,
skills day for 009 modelling. Leaving running trains to one side for the day,
we had a dozen tables of demonstrations of various aspects of small scale
narrow gauge modelling. Although intended as a one-off, it now looks like there
will be another one in 2018. No peace for the wicked, eh?

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