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Garreg Wen – Matthew and Helen Kean

Garreg Wen (‘White Rock’) was been built to satisfy two aims
– to practice and develop new skills, and to provide somewhere to run models of
older stock from a number of real life lines.

The model is set in Snowdonia in the Victorian period
(approximately 1880) and represents the modest upper terminus for passenger
working of a former horse tramway, converted to steam about a decade or so
previously. A quarry extension leaves the back of the station to the foot of an
incline located ‘off set’, but due to the gradient and the threat of runaway
slate wagons, the passenger platform is on a separate line, as also happened at
Bryngwyn on the NWNGR for example.

Interesting elements in construction include the quarryman’s
terrace with individually built slate rubble walls, vertical slate slab fencing
typical of the Corris area, vegetation with a Noch ‘Grassmaster’, and hand
built plain track ballasted above the rail base in contemporary Victorian

The intention was to produce a freelance model, but which
remained credible to the period and general location. Sometimes this is called
an ‘album layout’, allowing us to run models from a variety of real lines (some
of which are rather stretching the period at this stage, until a few more
historic items are completed).

The layout features in the January and May 2018 editions of
the Railway Modeller

Festiniog Railway “The Prince” in its original form shunts
the yard

Corris Railway No. 1 brings down a load of slate slabs from
the quarry

A North Wales Narrow Gauge Railway train stands ready to


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